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Frequently Asked Questions

Question : What does Mobbow stands for ?

Answer : Mobbow is an acronym for "Mobile World" .

Question : From where can I get registered to use Mobbow services?
Answer : After payment is made and verified, account will be created for you.

Question : What is the range of Mobbow coverage area?
Answer : Our coverage spans over all networks in all countries across the globe.

Question : Can I send message to anyone for my product advertisement or any such purpose?
Answer : Yes, you can use this service for your advertisement by sending messages to your customers as well.

Question : Can I use this service for sending messages on my products or services info, advertisement or any such purpose to my customers or intending customers?
Answer : Yes, you can. This service is meant for you.

Question : What is sender ID? How do I set them?
Answer : Before you start sending SMS, you need to set your name or number which would be displayed on the receiver's mobile phone. You can set any number or name (not more then 11 characters) such as your GSM ID which belongs to you. The sender ID can be set in the sender tab of our web interface or desktop application.

Question : Can I send SMS with alphanumeric sender id?
Answer : Yes, you can send SMS with an alphanumeric sender id except to CDMA mobiles because they do not support alphanumeric sender id.

Question : Can I send special characters in SMS?
Answer : Yes, you can send any special character of a US Keyboard.

Question : What are the payment methods supported by Mobbow?
Answer : We currently accept cash and cheque deposits into our bank account. However plans are ongoing to accept online payments.

Question : What is your payment mode?
Answer : Pre Paid payment mode.

Question : What is the minimum SMS credit?
Answer : The minimum SMS credit you can purchase is 500 credits.

Question : How do I know whether Mobbow is appropriate for me?
Answer : If you send several smses daily and wish there is a cheaper way to do so.

Question : Why do messages at times get delayed reaching their destination?
Answer : There are many reasons for delaying like either the receiver has switched off his or her Mobile or the mobile is out of range.

Question : If I have set my mobile number as Sender id will the messages sent displaying my number be charged against my account with my mobile operator?
Answer : No the bills will be charged against the credits that would be provided by Mobbow.

Question : Why do I need a username and password with my Mobbow Account?
Answer : Your password keeps your Mobbow account completely private and personal. The password assures that you are the only one sending messages from your account. Except of course you share such details with someone else.

Question : What can I do if I forget my password?
Answer : Simply inform us and upon verification that you are the rightful account owner, your password would be sent to you.

Question : What happens when my message encounters a switched off mobile?
Answer : When the system tries to deliver your message to a phone number which is switched off or out of range the message will remain in the network for sometime. As soon as the mobile comes in range that message will be delivered to it.

Question : Is there any limitation to the amount of messages I send?
Answer : No, there is no limitation on the amount of messages you send. Note however that the amount of messages you can send is only limited by the credit balance of your account.

Question : How quickly are messages delivered?
Answer : Your messages are sent to the phones as soon as you send them. However, depending on the volume of sent requests, there could be some delay. Messages are delivered on a first come, first served basis.

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