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Here is a description of the Registration Procedure, SMS units price, and how payment can be made.

Firstly you need to register on
Next, you need to take note of your registration details most importantly your Username and Password.

You must pay to the underlisted designated Bank account for your SMS account to be Setup.




Account Name: Access Solutions Ltd

Bank Name : GTBank

Account Number : 0024311972

The price per units of sms is as shown

Quantity (SMS units Volume) Price/sms(Naira)
100 - 5,000 2.50k
5,001 - 100,000 2.20k
100,001 - 500,000 2.00k
Above 500,000 1.90k

Your Payment Contact

Contact us with the following payment details:
Username (Chosen on, Full name, Amount Paid,
Date of payment and Deposit slip number.
Our Contact:
Email :
Telephone: +234 8035875598, +234 98706567, +234 8065385761
Fax: +234 9 5237543

Your account setup will be done Immediately.
A notification mail will be sent to you stating your Username, Password and number of SMS units bought.

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Payment options

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